what a time to be alive
People I’ve Met
Yesterday, the girl released from the old hospital in Beijing
Stood by the bushes. One in the morning.
Watching the emergency room doors open and close
And open
Silently - an illusion of permanence, she thought,
The allusion of the veil
(And the girl
With a dying baby brother
Gave hickeys to a stranger on the dance floor
And got drunk to the starlight)
And she who had sex on a cruise ship to a Spanish man named Ricardo
And she with the long-distance lover in Los Angeles who never called back
Living in 11 by 12 spaces in small dorms
Memories pressed down and compartmentalized like the generic nametags on doorways
Wondering, wondering
Who can I relate to in this large and lonely state?

I have no stoner friends here
Why I Support Hong Kong

After 1997, Britain gave Hong Kong back to China. Now that Hong Kong has been given back to China, it is technically and officially a part of this communist country.

But when Hong Kong returned to China the Chinese government promised that they would operate under “one country two systems”, where Hong Kong would have an amount of democracy that they had under British rule. In 1997 this was the case, but these last few years especially China has been taking away a lot of democratic rights. For example, China now choose government representatives. Like the people on the ballots that Hong Kong citizens are voting for are people that communist China approved or favored. This is becoming less and less “democracy”. Are people in Hong Kong asking for autonomy? Maybe some people are thinking like that. Tbh if they want to leave the country it has to be now, and not some other time.
But Hong Kong has already been given back to China. They’re already a Communist country. Is China theoretically doing anything wrong, to their own country? No. But they shouldn’t have misled the people and slowly taken away more and more rights (as they’re continuing to do so). Also, as an individual, I support democracy, which is why I support Hong Kong.
(In addition, all other forms of protests have failed. Direct, peaceful protest is the only way).
PSA: Wear yellow to spread awareness for this issue tomorrow!! :)